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White Supremacist March in Palmer Square, Princeton

On January 12th, 2019, the white supremacist organization, New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA), planned to march through Palmer Square in Princeton. Although the NJEHA called off their march at the last minute, it impacted many uninvolved citizens in the Princeton area, especially small business owners.

Cheers to Hockey

I am 45 years old and was raised in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles wasn't much of a hockey town until the Great One, #99 Wayne Gretzky arrived. Even then, most people only watched hockey when the Los Angeles Kings made the playoffs. I went to my first Hockey game just 10 miles South of Hillsborough down 206, a little gem known as the Hobey Baker Arena where the Princeton University Hockey team plays.

Raising a kid in the suburbs? Think again!

A bustling metropolis? Or peaceful suburbs? Each produces vastly different generations of children. “Space vs. commute, more sophisticated kids vs. more sheltered ones, culture vs. cost, traffic noise vs. traffic jams. Fill in your own blanks,” offers Lisa Belkin from The New York Times.

Princeton Tour Company

Every Saturday throughout December, the Princeton Tour Company will be offering Holiday Trolley Tours and Santa Tours! While on the Trolley Tour you will drive down the decorated streets of Princeton and take in the holiday spirit of the town.

Palmer Square Fall Fest

On October 21st Princeton will be hosting their 2nd annual Fall Festival in Palmer Square! While at the Fall Festival you can enjoy live entertainment, delicious food and drinks from local vendors, and treats around the square.