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Dance for the Cure Raises Money and Provides Hope for Locals Battling Breast Cancer

Dance for the Cure’s annual Ribbons of Hope event is being held on Thursday, October 17th. With attendee list of 450-500 people, the event hopes to raise $85,000 - funds that are donated to women battling breast cancer, specifically in Somerset, Hunterdon and Middlesex counties. Check out our profile on Dance for the Cure and the wonderful work they are doing locally to help women battling breast care.

Girl Scout Hosts Softball Expo as Part of Gold Award

Katie Rygiel, a girl scout, local Hillsborough High School student and varsity softball player, chose to do her Gold Award Project about softball education. Part of her project is the Softball Expo, an event sponsored by the Hillsborough Recreation Department, entitled Why Softball? The event, to be held on Saturday, August 10th, will be run by Rygiel with help from the Hillsborough Recreation Department, the Hillsborough High School Varsity Softball team and the Top Gun Fastpitch Organization. At the event, girls can participate in drills that teach different skills, but are also fun and enjoyable.

HBA Holds 2nd Annual Restaurant Week

The Hillsborough Business Association will hold the second annual Hillsborough Restaurant week, Tuesday, August 20 through Sunday, August 25th. Participating Hillsborough restaurants will have the opportunity to showcase creative cuisine for local residents and foodies from all over.

“Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” Reflects on Filmmaking Past

Quentin Tarantino’s newest film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” came to theaters Friday, July 26 and impressed audiences and critics everywhere. A few highlights of the movie include a cast chock full of A-list actors, the first on-screen partnership between Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, and dialogue rich with clever one-liners. The movie has only been out for a week and has already made a whopping 45 million dollars, making it Tarantino’s biggest opening weekend yet.

Meet Connor Leoni: Class President of the Class of 2019

Leoni’s high school career didn’t just revolve around being class president though, he also played for the football team, was involved in student council, and worked at Smoothie King on top of taking classes. We sat down with Leoni to talk about his roles in student government and football, his hopes for his college career, and what he will miss about Hillsborough.

The Lion King Brings Back Childhood Memories at a Cost

25 years after the release of the original, animated classic, Disney updated the story for a new generation as a computer-animated version. While many fans of the original are skeptical, the film is an altogether must-see for a family-friendly time. It brings a familiar crowd back to the theaters and allows them to delve into their childhood selves.

Rutgers Business School Hosts Weeklong Camp

Rutgers Business School (RBS) spearheaded a week-long intensive camp led by Ron Richter, a professor at RBS for high school students interested in a future in the business world. Whether it be accounting, financing, or marketing, multiple opportunities were presented to students to help them get started in the field.