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Girl Scout Hosts Softball Expo as Part of Gold Award

Katie Rygiel, a girl scout, local Hillsborough High School student and varsity softball player, chose to do her Gold Award Project about softball education. Part of her project is the Softball Expo, an event sponsored by the Hillsborough Recreation Department, entitled Why Softball? The event, to be held on Saturday, August 10th, will be run by Rygiel with help from the Hillsborough Recreation Department, the Hillsborough High School Varsity Softball team and the Top Gun Fastpitch Organization. At the event, girls can participate in drills that teach different skills, but are also fun and enjoyable.

Cheers to Hockey

I am 45 years old and was raised in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles wasn't much of a hockey town until the Great One, #99 Wayne Gretzky arrived. Even then, most people only watched hockey when the Los Angeles Kings made the playoffs. I went to my first Hockey game just 10 miles South of Hillsborough down 206, a little gem known as the Hobey Baker Arena where the Princeton University Hockey team plays.